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M.C. Hamachila Legal Practitioners has a broad-based practice in the following spheres of law; civil litigation, criminal litigation, drafting commercial agreements, drafting international agreements, preparation of Security documents, securities and financial structuring documentation, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

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We believe client satisfaction is best achieved by providing strategic, comprehensive and creative legal services. We know that understanding our clients’ unique and diverse characteristics and needs are the best and surest means to providing high quality legal services. In order to achieve this, we provide specifically tailored legal solutions suitable to the level of the clients’ objectives and needs.innovation me

Dispute Resolution.

Our dispute resolution practitice covers the spectrum of dispute resolution this includes litigation of both civil and criminal matters, mediation, arbitration and negotiation

Banking and Financial Services

The firm has provided advice to various clients on issues involving the banking and financial services industry. The firm has extensive knowledge of the provisions of the Banking and Financial Services Act, which is the basis upon which all banking and financial services in Zambia are carried out.

Drafting of International and Domestic Agreements

The firm has developed significant expertise in the drafting of international and local contract of various nature.


In this regard, the firm has been involved in conveying multiple properties including Commercial properties, Residential properties, Agricultural properties, Common leaseholds and more s

Corporate Services

The firm provides incorporation services of Corporate, Financial and Banking institutions.

Company Secretarial Work

The secretarial services provided by the firm include; Maintaining Company register, Filling annual returns, Providing legal advice on compliance matters, Providing legal advice on labour related matters and Board secretarial and governance issues.

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