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    Rehoboth is a dynamic and highly motivated legal professional. As an associate trainee, her multifaceted role encompasses legal research, transactional work, and business development, reflecting a comprehensive skill set and a commitment to excellence. She graduated with a Law degree (LL.B) from University of Lusaka where she not only excelled academically but also distinguished herself in moot court and debate competitions. Her numerous awards in these arenas underscore her exceptional advocacy skills, keen legal analysis, and persuasive communication abilities—attributes that now form the foundation of her success as an associate trainee. In the realm of legal research, she demonstrates an insatiable curiosity and a meticulous a keen eye for detail.

    On the transactional front, she plays a vital role in facilitating seamless business dealings. Her understanding of contract law and attention to detail contribute to the drafting and negotiation of sound legal agreements. In addition to her substantive legal contributions, she actively engages in business development initiatives. Her strategic thinking, enhances the firm's reputation and contributes to its growth. She is not only an astute legal mind but also a forward-thinking professional who understands the importance of building a robust client base.